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Critical Social Work Publishing House

Critical Social Work Publishing House is a not-for-profit organisation established to publish the work of social work practitioners and others helping to address injustice and ineqality from a critical perspective.

Australian critical social work practice exists only on the periphery of mainstream Australian social work, which does little in the way of restoring dignity and challenging those structures that oppress, dominate and marginalise people.

The Publishing House provides social work practitioners and others with an alternative platform from which to share their practice, outside of elite academic and policy making circles that speak less and less to all but themselves.

We will accept larger manuscripts or smaller articles. Alternatively, you can contribute to our online blog or twitter feed. We are particularly interested in the work of independent front line practitioners still grounded in the person-in-environment perspective and a social justice framework.  

Picture:  Grosses Bluff - Remnant of an old impact crater

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