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By Jaq James


AU$25 rrp + postage

At the end of the twentieth century, a young Australian botanist is sent to China by her secret boss to a secret place to find a secret plant that is wanted for a secret reason. “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” are the orders of the day. But as the young woman moves deeper into the mystery, she discovers much more than a secret plant. She is initiated into the mystic world of Chinese tea culture. As she learns about the history of tea, she inadvertently uncovers a series of historical, political and religious lies from which the Middle Kingdom has never recovered. Throughout her journey, her assumptions, her prejudices and her very identity are confronted and challenged. By the end, she is changed forever to her core.

If you don’t like witnessing sacred cows being slaughtered, this book isn’t for you. But if you are a truth seeker, a thrill rider and a free thinker, this book will be your kindred spirit as you learn facts about China the newspapers never let you read.

“This book has great charm and much depth about modern China.  Among other things, the author exposes the myth of the massacre in Tiananmen Square.” 


“Because of her long and very unusual exposure to China, plus her ability with the language, the author is uniquely qualified to write about China. Combined with an intriguing plot, this book is a must for readers seeking insights to the real China.” 

Gregory Clark,  IN FEAR OF CHINA


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